At Moody Mango, we create highly nutritious, plant-based cuisine with a focus on raw living foods. Catering for events and retreats around the globe, providing private chef services, and hosting workshops - we help our clients to align with nature and live to their truest potential. 

All Moody Mango ingredients are selected to work in synergy with your healing and enhance your beauty, brain power, body and spirit at the deepest level. All of our dishes are vegan, gluten-free, organic wherever possible, and most importantly, made with love. 



Im Francesca, a plant-based chef and reiki practitioner with a philosophy of

‘consciousness over convenience’. I have a passion for serving others and

cultivating community through nourishing and ethical foods. My food

preparation rituals are always done with love. I understand cooking as an

energy exchange - so my daily practices of mindfulness, intention setting,

yoga and meditation infiltrate my food.

Moody Mango was born out of my experiences growing up around addiction

and later trying to balance a hectic lifestyle immersed in London “party

scene”. By 2009 I realised I needed to heal the damage I had done to my

body and mind. As soon as I took a step in the direction of healing I met

inspiring people along the way who taught me that the fatigue, skin breakouts

and the anxiety I was experiencing were a by-product of not taking care of my

inner body. I detoxed intensely, lived on organic farms in Ecuador, healed with

plant medicine shamans in Peru, and went direct to experts to study nutrition

and raw cuisine in London, California and Australia. 

"Let food be thy medicine"

I saw radical changes in my body and habits. These live, medicinal foods

changed me from the inside out. I realised that our relationship with food is

not about the food, its about our relationship with ourselves. I realised I had a

lot of emotions around the way I ate, and by unblocking those I unlocked a

part of myself. I ate primarily fruits, vegetables and legumes. And foods that

would serve as hormonal adaptogens. My medical stats read biologically

younger than they had ten years prior. It was through simple daily practices

that big changes were made. I shared my food with friends from my tiny kitchen.

This evolved into pop-up supper clubs, and Moody Mango was born.

A decade later, I still have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. The world is

craving more delicious, healthy, plant based food, and Moody Mango bridges

the gaps between alchemy, biology and deliciousness. Every day, I witness

people’s happiness as they have that first bite, first sip, first conversation and

they realise these medicinal foods really do work and they are life changing. I

want nothing more than to share this experience and education with as many

people as I can. Diet is a powerful tool that can help you awaken, receive and

increase life force energy. When we think of healthy eating, we typically

assume that there will be weight loss, enhanced glow and increased strength,

but these changes pale in comparison to the paradigm shift that begins with

plant nutrition. 

I’m so glad you’re here...